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Senior Last Wills and Testaments: Class of 2018

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Senior wills are a senior’s chance to leave behind memories, jokes, etc. to underclassmen and teachers. 

**Please be advised that The Forum reserved the right to edit any senior wills containing profanity and obscene references. If you have any issues regarding the content of senior wills please contact [email protected]**



I, Lindsay Ballard, leave Eric Ballard with one less roomate. I leave Green Lantern locker to Capri Chandler. I leave the Band with the sweet sound of no beginner oboe sounds. I leave Ethan Surles with a sad rivalry. I leave the trombone trio with high hopes, don’t mess it up. I leave Mr. Carwile with all his artistic ideas brought to the paper. I leave the crazy moments of a child dancing on my car to Haliey Thrasher. I leave the fun backstage partner dances to Holly Acrey. I also leave the late night, halfway forgotten, calls to Evan Dover.


I, Christen Barnes,  leave JT Fair- a wink, the stick shift, & the trio. Matthew Gunter- a phone call, Rooster’s date, and all my love. Luke Gunter- a deep talk or two & zumba. Jessie Moose- all things yellow & a poppin’ playlist. Jess Chapman- a shirley temple & a trip to the farm. Kendyl- one last venting sesh; Olivia Latanzi- the sweetest smile in the hall; Tanner Buffington- another lead role… you’re welcome; Macy Barnes- the best senior year, see you @ Nana’s; Lauren Davis- an inspirational text, a whip double bagels, and all of our memz; Madison Sartain- Switzerland; Clayton Oliver- lunch @ grandmas; Annika Cain & Stacy Cabrera- drama talks; Tyler Brooks making my morning walking into school; Abbie Grace- an adventure, skydiving, and our complaining; Emily Britt, Caro Gibson & Reese Armour- another year full of good times- love y’all! All my tennis girls- a state championship, trip to texas, a dance party in the parking lot, and a prayer in lebanese. My lil sis, Carsen Baumgardener- the best 2 more years @ NTH a car ride, a key to my dorm, dances, and endless giggles. I love ya. See ya later North Hall! Y’all are the best!


I, Ansley Berbert, leave Mary Grace Smith a Yeti cooler and many types of laughs. Mattie Reeves and Madelyn Nash the best little sister award. Michelle Tymchuck my yellow bathing suit and all the cringey songs in the world. Ava Taylor everything from limo rides to air. Maddie Cole every disease in the world. William Crumpton an infinite amount of hang loose signs and a dolla. Emily Britt the best prom date in the world. The freshman girls the best time of your lives. Lauren Davis cuddles and Clay’s basement. And to all my cheer girls the ultimate question of “so who are we gonna be?” #RegionChamps


I, Caroline Brady, leave a daily bear hug to Autumn Gibson; a bag of Cheeto puffs, wet socks from the snow, and new kidneys to Molly McLendon; warm penguin cuddles to Virginia Hill; the starting pitch to Jodie Grizzle; an eno to Cody Smith; excessive amounts of salt to Hannah Sweeney; memes to Natalie Enzmann; boughs of holly to Emma Woodworth; a one-second hand hold to Kaylie Bell; being louder to Maci Gillespie; a good nickname to Isabel Gonzales; the cleaning fairy to J.R. Coleman; a new alarm clock to Madison Brock; otters and sloths to Tori Heflin; the math cat to Amanda Napier; a bottle to make you look like a troll to Cailin Cooper; endless compliments to Hasten Veal; running suicides & stairs to Molly Martin and Grace Hollifield; music nerd jokes to Mrs. Welchel; tickets to the braves game to Ben Boyd; K.J. Apa and Gigi Hadid to Alec Wilson; and student-of-the-month breakfast to Coach Hargis.


I, Natalie Campbell, leave to Eli 15 minute rides to school, 99s in everything, spoiled milk, a better parking spot, & an amazing 3 years at NTH. To Ellie Miller fun car rides, a prom dress legacy, a futon in my dorm, Eli, and an amazing 3 years at NTH. To JR Coleman and Reagen Townley- LIBERTY CHILDREN. To Emilee Greene- a pre calc table partner that is actually good at math. To Spencer Earnest- walks to 3rd and interviews for newspaper polls. To Issac Godfrey- walks to 3rd, interviews for yearbook?? Or is it newspaper??, a math AND spanish tutor, and the BFF. To Jessie Moose- best dressed, both of my prom dresses, & and amazing 2 years at NTH. To all the cheer girls I leave endless nights cheering in the brickyard.


I, Fallin Deal, leave Noah Deal another year of bus rides, fist bumps, chunky monkey with a mullet, & one year of HS w/o any annoying sisters; to Lizzy Deutemeyer big hugs and pep talks; to Emmaline Bagwell “hey sweet girl” & the job of keeping my 2 favorite brothers in line; to Joseph Hoffman movie stars & tutoring sessions; to Jake Riley a brick, a baseball bat & a 3rd wheel; to Natalie Enzman ukuleles, hand signals, & the pit girls; to Mrs. Boyd TP, raspberries, ID badges, & passive aggressive emails; to Mrs. Barrett the Office (NHHS edition) and high heels; to Cat Peets panera discussions, chicken nuggets & aggressive walls; to John Hoffman Charlie Brown, truth or dare, angry exclamations, & a free call to your sister anytime; to Lindsey Sewell sonlight, forever roomie status, guilty fro-yo & boy talks; to Alex Shows the drama drama program, lunchroom lines, french onion soup, baseball, Nick Robinson, Cole Sprouse, Pete Davidson, & whatever other boys your heart desires.


I, Megan Dyer, leave Jessie Moose with all the new adventures, ice-cream runs, rolls dates, pulling on your necklaces all the time, and the cherry on top of our whole year. I leave Jaci Martin our trips to Panera, the best hugs, and expert back rubs. I leave also Carsen Baumgardner all our trips to Panera, and all your sweet words. I leave Madison Hirt all our hatreds and talks on the square. I leave Peyton Ellis great hugs, reals talks, and our love for Ed. I leave Claire Frederick all the times I drove you around and running around the hospital. I leave Reece Coker with the offer to come to college with me to play with my hair. I leave Cody Smith our godchild DWAD. I leave Caroline Gibson our blind folded hand holding and all the “I will get it dones.” I leave Lindsey Sewell our trips to Athens and Heys in the hallways. I leave the Yearbook Staff with great memories, lots of hard work, and a forever family.


I, Landon Earnest, leave Jody Kinney the best roll his house has ever been rolled. I leave Spencer to Brady Dehass and every single tennis match dub. Logan Jackson the song Colder Weather. Trey Sanders two bottles of Proactive. Walker Peck a phone that doesn’t take videos or pictures. Coach Cunningham no chicken poop on the practice field. And Coach Bishop a happier Scott.


I, Madison Ellis, leave my girls our morning talks on the bench. Hal and Elli, I leave Matt’s name in Tanner’s voice, my love 50/50 and the CJ bracelet. Ellie, 2nd period and all the advice I could ever give. Carrie, our talks in the morning, EVERY church event, “are you here?” and having my back, you mean the world. To Avery, our memz such as vbs kitchen, nerf wars, power rangers, Maggie B, and the “paarty”, thanks for growing up with me. Grayson, walking with me in the hall and saying hey everytime we see each other. To Kaylie, Macy, Kendyl, and Kirsten, I leave you Jill’s class, and that’s enough of that. Abbie Grace, I leave complaining, coffee, and the beach, I love you. Carsen, I leave you the beach, the desk, all of our talks, coffee, and “hey sweet girl”, love you more than you know. Jessie M, I leave the beach, talking in a funny voice, and a “hey sweet girl’, I love you.


I, Owen Farley-Klacik, leave Lauren Davis: Sophomore cuties. Elijah Davis: Lauren Davis. Take care of her, son. Walker Peck: Hey sid, it’s sonny. Mereck Mcnally: Spinit. Madison, Madi, and Reece: Fire, Owen Brown: my name. First period class: Recycling. Will Crumpton: Sick vids. Daniel Jackson: Two plump pompano. Logan Jackson: Carpet cleaner and toilet. Logan Dean: SAFTB. Ella Oxley: walker peck. His is truly beautiful. Ava Taylor: fresh air. Regan Mavity: I do it all for you, RM. Matthew Gunter: a transfer case.


I, Mackenzie Hayes, leave Makayla and Sully the seats in my 02 Tahoe, I leave Tatum my driving skills, worms in Walmart, late night chicken house runs, all the things she’s left at my house, and last but not least wrong turns on a golf cart. I leave Jess Chapman the front bumper to my Tahoe. I leave Derick McConnell the party house. I leave Darin Brown and Dustin Clark late nights with 12 and road signs on 52. I leave Makayla Hayes, never coming to school, childhood memories, and I leave you my clothes. I leave Austin Nelson my grades and Makayla Hayes.


I, Cheyenne Green, leave happy memories to the band. Laughter and writing ideas are left to Ms. Sullens. She also is gifted my drawings I drew within the year. Talks of college go to Mr. Shipe. All my love goes to my friends. Crazy ideas and my weirdness go to Capri Chandler and Ahnaleigh Marchetta. Lastly, my sister and in 2 years, my brother will be given to the school. Thank you, North Hall.  


I, Ava Jakel, leave chorus to the fourth period freshmen women, FCA worship to Michael Nierodzik, Ella Randall Lee, and the Wagners, wonderful prayers and screws and bolts (for the chickens) to Logan Mitchell, Wednesday morning highs and lows to the FCA girls, my physical health to Elli Kennedy (well really to your mom), 8:00 am psychology classes to Harrison Brown, prom memories to Cassie Thurmond, IB and days/nights at the barn to Ben Boyd, español a Daisy Flores-Mota, Coach Haynes’ class to Brennan Greene, bee snacks and the drain outside of the STEM building to Will Bagwell, the conference room and passionate rants to JR Coleman, STEM to Suzie Albernas (girl power), cowboy boots and passing hello’s to Bryson Smith, biology study sessions to Jacob and Memphis, horse talk and trail rides to Catherine Robinson, and North Hall High School to all my Trojans. Enjoy it while it lasts! (oh and go look above the whiteboard in the conference room — I pinned a tiny horse picture to the corkboard strip during my sophomore year, and it’s still there).


I, Baileigh Kimbrell, leave Sydney Grant all the last minute dinner plans, all the workouts, all the wrong turns. I leave Reagan Britt all the party planning, the mysterious dirt roads and all the “I think I’m gonna have to drive home.”


I, Sofie Long, leave Morgan Mize “running” talks and years of XC mems. DJ Long better grades than me, headphones and awkward hallway interactions. Anna Montgomery a prom date, lots more tennis dubs, “Hello,” nugget trees and math struggle mems. Raquel Kallab paper, Bap Bud Jokes, the best hair ever, bamboo, an apology for asking what’s going on in math everyday and “that’s awkward” moments. Spencer Earnest speeencer, converse (old ones), and Grat clothing (granola/frat). Carsen Baumgardner a bracelet, boy talks, funny voices and some pom poms! Ella Oxley weird hallway looks, violent games of ninja, and love from Mama Sof. Daniel Lewis and Devan Crow toilet paper and making fun of me. Caylee Wagner twin style and more running! Ramsey Waters tennis grind, headbands, 15 Chik-fil-A coozies, and goofy jokes. Abbie grace Jones all of our crazy Chick-Fil-A and XC memories. Will Bagwell my parking spot. Alexandria Henderson art class roasts and awkward Blue Fin moments. And I leave the whole Junior class a fun, rockin’, sweet Senior year!


I, Ali Meek, leave Mrs. Barrett all my gratitude for shaping me into the writer I am today, giving me the opportunity to become editor in chief of the newspaper, and always being there to give any much needed advice. I leave you all the memories from our days in The Forum and the memory of a newspaper that could truly be called a paper (maybe one day it will switch back to print). I leave Lauren Holland a photo ambush with George Morris as long as you take it “quick quick quick! ” I leave you memories of wandering around Kentucky and Trick or Treating at the vendor booths. I leave you all the ribbons your heart desires as you continue to horse show. I leave Susie Albernas all the confusion we experienced in AP Physics and some sick dance moves at homecoming. I will not be leaving Julian Diaz the portrait of ‘lil Jamie, but I will leave you an unofficial position on staff as Creative Consultant (thanks for those swanky buttons). I leave the returning and new members of The Forum the constant reminder of article deadlines, because I know how hard it is the keep up with them.  I leave you the many editions produced by our hard work and effort. I encourage you all to push boundaries and become amazing journalists no matter what. I leave Ms. Sullens memories of The Forum and all of its accomplishments. I know you’re off to bigger and better things, so I leave you all the luck in your new endeavours. Lastly, I leave you all my thanks for a wonderful senior year.


I, Brantley Moore, leave Kody Dills 6 girls from Heard County with #teamKody and the #1 singles spot on the tennis team. I leave Jackson Roush the name Grace and the role as bus DJ. I leave Forrester Terry the best windup serve in tennis. I leave Cody Smith the best bromance in YBK history. I leave my best wishes to all of  the Cross Country team in the next year. I leave Jake Klemm that 5 dollar kids cheese pizza from Pizza By The Sea and the best of luck. I leave Gracie McBride lots of inside jokes, lots of chemistry answers, a bag of frozen grapes, some good laughs, and some great nights.


I, Trey Pardue, leave Gace Pardue- all of the shirts in my closet. Daulton Gonzalez- the O-line. Erin Sanchez- a kicking scholarship and country music. Logan Jackson- a 10 ft deep pool. Mereck Mcnally- Gaggles, lots of Pods, and WGW. Daniel Jackson- more guitar songs and football first team all state. Mary Grace Smith- juice and a Pink Drink. Caroline Gibson- marriage to Donovan. Logan Dean- a single life and Pods. Zoie Robertson and Baylee Turner- No more Marketing or Chemistry. Jake Klemm- new hairstyle. Ava Taylor- Your device that was taken away. Micah Holman- The left side of the line. Trey Sanders- full ride soccer scholarship and birthday songs at Texas.


I, Kate Pless, leave Jessie Moose rides home, ice cream, rolling around town, braiding your hair almost every day, and getting into crazy situations. I leave Ellie Congdon sarcastic jokes and One Direction. I leave Jaci Martin and Carsen Baumgardner Panera runs and random talks. I leave Lindsey Sewell the yearbook days and trips to Athens. I leave Caroline Gibson walks to second period and talks about any and everything. I leave Cody Smith trips to Brusters and Pet Smart. I leave the whole yearbook staff an amazing book and a year full of surprises and memories. I leave Hattie Durham pictures before every football game. I leave Jenna Brock football game talks about hope on the sidelines. I leave Macie Lee Reeves all the dances you tried to teach me and cheering side by side. I leave Natalie Perry parties at Kindle’s and rides in the minivan. I leave Taylor Kimsey karaoke night at Wild Wings. I leave the cheer squad all the camps, practices, and games full of fun times and memories.


I, Buddy Powell, leave Jacob Smith a big frog. Hannah Brown a rabbit. Cat Peets , Michelle. Noah Bryant, Fortnite. DJ Long, smoky presents. Eric Ballard, incorrect stereotypes. Caitlin Miller, someone to eat lunch with. Erica Guadalahara, a flamingo. Ansley Smallwood, mexican food. Lance Robison, an iPhone. Kaitley Congdon, a future presidency and a great prom. Madi Miller, someone to call “hunty.” Madison Sartain, nights we don’t speak about. Reese Armour, talks at 1:30 a.m in strangers’ houses. John Hoffman, Tuesday Longstreet. Addison Smith, secret break up days. Gracie Tipton, being good enough to make the Improv team.  


I, Sarah Scroggs, leave Grayson Scroggs a final morning wake up and girl advice. I leave Kaitley Congdon good grades on math tests and an Honors Mentorship project.


I, Lakaley Sears, leave Shipe my 2nd period shenanigans. Ms. Sullens my early morning rants. Mr. Davis my 3rd period errands. I leave all colorguard my hyper moments and craziness on game days. I leave Allie Blackburn frogs, crazy Friday nights, my spot in the guard bus, and the mom bag. I leave Madison Phillips crazy Friday nights and sugar rushes. I leave Becca Blackburn my chicken nuggets and a spot in the hall to eat at Friday nights. I also leave the colorguard an empty spot in the bleachers. I leave Kaitlyn Powers , Katelyn Smith, Rebekah Fick, and Makayla Mullins my 3rd period rants. I leave Tori Heflin my continuous rants, F.R.I.E.N.D.S references, and relationship advice.


I, Callen Seitz, leave Heartly tacos, Bella stunting and putting the run through sign up on Fridays, Jessie Moose our love for headbands and Natural Life. Jenna for being an amazing sister sister. Ab trying to get out of work in 1st period.  Olivia Lattanzi Tacos and any other words I mispronounced. Ellie Congdon Awkward eye contact while Stunting, witty comments and accidentally leaving you in a store at the beach. Caroline Gibson my photo in your locker. Taylor Kimsey putting your bow in before games and 1st period drama.Emma Durkin cleaning out the drama shed.  Natalie Perry Train and Crockfest, turbie twists, and jillybean. Macielee bobby pinning my bow before games and my SAT study book. To my Bitties many memories and a great senior year.


I, Stan(The Man)ley Chase Smith, leave the Band Bus AUX cord to Jackson and all of my band kids. I leave all of those long hot band camp and practice days to my fellow members. I leave my “game day” hype to any/everyone who wishes to pick up the mantle of Band Hype Man.  I leave my pickup lines to those single pringles out there. I leave my church youth prayers and love. Especially to my youth from North Hall, Kaden, Kenzie, Kaylie, and Holly. To all of the North Hall Trojans, Stand up! Remember to say love like Mrs. Taylor, roam the halls in style like Mr. Carwile, and just chill like all my wonderful Trojan Teachers. Thank you all for being great role models and having the heart to teach the future. Join me in one last Go trojans! GO TROJANS!


I, Richard Templeton, leave freshman Jonah Miller I leave a 1000 jynxs and eczema. To Junior Reese Armour I leave a bro fist and Mexican heritage. To junior Madison Sartain I leave sloth jokes and a certain song by “The Cars” To sophomore Gracie Tipton I leave my anxiety and anticipation for 5 years from now. To sophomores Ellie Congdon and Austin Simonton I leave my knowledge and understanding. To sophomore Taylor kimsey I leave undying gratitude for all the rides and show music. To Jeff, I leave my best hopes and wishes for what’ll be an amazing senior year for you, I leave dark humor and nights of binge watching serial killers, I leave all the vines that bring you laughter and my certainty that you’ll succeed anywhere you try.


I, Rosie Whitmire, leave the upcoming Seniors Friday nights. Ryland, I leave you the softball field and my heart. Ansley and Emilee a new boy crush. Coach Sanders a spotless gym floor. Ms. Turk all the extra time that we could’ve stayed in your class.


I, Miles Williams, leave Hallie woodruff TODDD! Taylor Willoughby and Tori Heflin the Al-tenors. J.R Coleman two pieces of toast. Ryan Balch Stevi B’s and the best country music playlist. Jacob Smith the money bat. Madi Miller being your real boyfriend, and Mr. Scrooge. Carrie Carruth yelling at me to do my work and a special watermelon. Mason Parker how many dogs it takes to open a house, not my director, and not wanting to ride with me. Kaitley Cogdon directing Christmas Carol. Emma Chester F.K, not knowing where our brothers are, an EXTRA church, and beating you in putt putt. Eli Kennedy the title of My Favorite Freshman. Heartly Twiggs leaving me on open. Olivia Lattanzi a pencil, passing your Spanish quiz, and Dyslexia. Emily Britt MOMS! Finally, I leave Avery Bryson a crisp high five.


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