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HoCo Do’s & Dont’s

Hannah Souder, Writer

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Homecoming is a dance where all grade levels get dressed up and unite as one, but there are certain do’s and dont’s that should be understood about how you present yourself.

Do: Although homecoming is not as formal as prom, it is still an occasion to break out a beautiful short dress. Knowing it’ll be a long night it would be a good idea to find a comfortable dress. Also, make sure you plan ahead and wear comfortable shoes, or you will end up taking them off. Get a mani-pedi, not just to relax, but it also looks very good while dressed up. Make sure the colors of your nails and toes match your dress. Your hair will have to be determined by your dress and make-up. For example, if you wear a strapless dress, most girls wear their hair down, and with a dress that goes around your neck, it’s common to wear your hair up, half down, or to the side would look best.

Don’t: Having a large corsage will just get in the way, I would inform your date to order a smaller, more reasonable corsage. Don’t over do the make-up and make sure your foundation matches your actual skin color.

If you follow these easy simple steps you will have a blast at homecoming!

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HoCo Do’s & Dont’s