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Hall County Schools React to Hurricane Irma

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Hurricane Irma hit Georgia on Monday, September 11, causing widespread power outages throughout the state. According to CNN, about 930,920 customers lost power in Georgia. Trees were down on almost every street and on some houses and even on vehicles. All Hall County schools were closed that week due to widespread power outages and unsafe roads. Approximately 20 schools were without power on September 12. The following six Hall County middle schools opened up to provide free meals and showers for people without power:

  • Davis Middle school
  • Chestatee Academy
  • East Hall Middle school
  • North Hall Middle school
  • South Hall Middle school
  • West Hall Middle school

On Thursday, September 14, there were still “10,000 residents without power and approximately 84 roads that are unsafe and/or impassable for busses,” says the Hall County superintendent, Will Schofield. North Hall started raising money for victims of Irma. The “Hurricane Relief Fund” sent their first $1,000 to Goose Creek School District near Houston to purchase shoes for students who had lost everything. Every school should have a central collection point in the office for donations. Though Irma was a tragedy, Hall county reached out to the community and helped the people in need.

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Hall County Schools React to Hurricane Irma